Educational program

The purpose of the program
Program is called to help to include modern industrial testing techniques in post-graduate educational process. Within the limits of program UniTESK Lab gives the tool of testing and methodical materials for lectures and practical trainings.

    Value for educational establishments 
    The representative of the educational organization will receive an opportunity of free-of-charge use:
      • The industrial tool for the automated testing( basis on the UniTESK technology)
      • A set of training materials on use the tool
      • A set of control tasks for training materials (with decisions)
      • And the main thing, consultations on questions not only uses of the tool of testing, but also on questions of teaching of “Software Model-Based Testing”.

    Organizational questions
      The partner agreement consists on the basis of the contract [28 K]. For this purpose it is necessary for potential partner to unpack the contract, to sign it from the educational establishment, and fill a registration card [19 K]. Then these two documents to send by fax +7(495)912-15-24. After reception of a fax, the offer on potential partnership will be considered and within two weeks.
      In case of the positive decision to the person who has been written down in a registration card:
      • will be given access to all necessary documents and software pducts
      • will be given out the license for use of this tool of testing and materials in educational process of universities and high school for the period of 1 year from the date of signing the partner agreement.
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