In the field of testing and verification methods, we are collaborating with many commercial and research structures.

 In 1994–2000 main commercial partner of the group was Nortel Networks. In cooperation with Russian company Luxoft we develop method of deployment of testing technology, based on formal specification, into industrial processes of software engeneering.

 We carry out research with the following companies:

  • Microsoft Research (Cambridge, UK) — testing of IPv6 protocol implementation;
  • Microsoft Research (Redmond, US) — methods and tools for model based testing, joint organization of Model Based Testing Workshop (will take place in 2004 in Barcelona, Spain);
  • Intel — compilers testing based on language models;
  • IFAD — testing tools for VDM++ object-oriented modeling language;
  • Saint-Petersburg State University — field trials of methods and tools for testing DSP and telecommunication applications.

 The group maintains close contacts with universities. Besides educational activities and post-graduate students, we conduct trainings on advanced methods of formal specifications based testing. The training have already been conducted in:

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