• Robert Tipple, VP Tech., Nortel Networks:

    “The team represents a pool of talented scientists experienced in the practical application of cutting edge academic research to product development in Nortel Networks. The technology developed by the group provides a vehicle for formal rigorous verification of software with exhaustive functional coverage of the verified code, which is impossible to achieve with standard testing methodology.

    From the words of customers: ‘The technology benefits us in many ways, including re-exercising the code in a formal way, providing us with a truly independent rigorous testing for the new functionality in parallel with its development, and a possibility of specification for parallel processing implementations which are difficult to test otherwise.”

  • Dmirti Koznov, Saint-Petersburg State University:

    CTesK is very simple and reliable product. It is obvious that the group policy to product training is quite successful, as the seminar conducted for SPbSU group demonstrated, and may be embodied in tutorials, other documentation and repeated for toolkit customers.

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