We are providing the following services for our customers:


  • cost/benefits estimation of an adoption of UniTesK concepts and tools by the customer;
  • deployment of specification-based testing using UniTesK conepts and tools within existing software development proccess of the customer;
  • planning, management and design of test development in customer’s projects using UniTESK concepts and tools;
  • software development and legacy software re-development along with development of requirements specifications, documentation and tests.


  • testing the customer’s software;
  • test development concurrent to development of the customer’s software;
  • development of tests for legacy software of the customer;
  • development and maintenance of test suites for regression testing of the customer’s software.


  • training courses on UniTESK tools and concepts.


  • upgrading products versions;
  • porting UniTESK tools to the customer’s specific platform;
  • development of new features of UniTESK products to satisfy the customer specific needs.
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