We are a commercial department of  UniTESK Lab, Institute for System Programming (ISP) of Russian Academy of Sciences(RAS). It performs research, development and provides services on testing and verification of software systems for more than 12 years.

The group was founded in 1994 to carry a project for Nortel Networks on testing API of real-time operating system kernel prior to porting the kernel to multiprocessor platform. We had successfully completed the project, and developed technology of formal specification based testing, suite of formal specifications, tools for test sequences generation and regression testing.

After that, the group has developed methods of specification and testing, that take into account features of target system and implementation programming languages. By now, developed methods are tried out on testing of:

  • operating system kernels;
  • runtime systems for compilers and text processors;
  • compilers, from syntactic and semantic analyzers to optimizators and code generators;
  • implementations of telecommunication protocols;
  • components with standardized interface (COM, CORBA, .NET, EJB).

UniTESK is the mainstream of methods and tools development for formal specification based testing. We have developed the method concepts, specification extensions of various programming languages, unified test suite architecture.

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