OTK includes tools supporting development of the model based test generators and their execution.

Graphics Environment Manager

Test generation using OTK includes the following steps:

  • model development,
  • development of the test generator components,
  • translation of the model and the components developed into Java,
  • configuring the generator,
  • execution of the generator.

Graphics Environment Manager provides convenient graphical interface for these actions.

TDL translator

TDL is a language used for formal description of models in the OTK. TDL helps to describe of the structure of the input data of the system under test in handy and compact form.

TDL Translator analyses the TDL model and generates the corresponding Java components. These components are compiled and used during the execution of test generator.

Generator driver

The test generator developed using OTK consists of the following two main components: the iterator, which generates various model structures, and the mapper, which transforms the model structures into the resulting test data.

The standard generator driver coordinates operation of these two components. Generator driver performs the routine tasks required for their correct functioning.

System requirements
      Operating System:
    • Any operating system supporting JDK (Java Developers Kit) version 1.4.x and higher.
      • Java  JDK 1.4.x and higher.
          Hardware requirements:
        • Pentium III 500 MHz and higher;
        • 256 MB RAM or higher;
        • SVGA-monitor (recommended 256 or more colors) with at least 800x600 pixels resolution;
        • any positioning device with at least two buttons.
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