SynTESK (Syntax Testing Kit) is the toolkit for testing parsers of formal languages. SynTESK facilitates validation of correspondence of a parser implementation to the specification of the given formal language. In fact, the tool checks that parser recognizes the given formal language.

There are many reliable systems of automated parser generation now. However complexity of real languages is such that even application of systems of automated generation to parsers development demands writing of addition hand-held code, mostly for the resolution of conflicts at syntactical analysis - so-called look-ahead procedure. SynTESK tool allows finding errors in such manually written procedures.

SynTESK realizes UniTesK technology of the automated testing based on usage of specifications and models of the target system.

At usage of SynTESK toolkit, tests are created completely automatically on the basis of the description of grammar in BNF (Backus-Naur form). For the given description of formal language grammar SynTESK allows producing tests of the following sorts:

  • Sentences inhering to the target language;
  • Sentences not inhering to the target language.

It allows checking that the parser under test accepts correct sentences of the target language, and that the parser rejects incorrect sentences.

SynTESK tool allows receiving effective and relatively small sets of tests and it is easy to use for testing both newly developed software, and already existing systems.

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