2005 / article

V. P. Ivannikov, A. S. Kamkin, V. V. Kuliamin, and A. K. Petrenko
Application of the UniTESK technology for functional testing of hardware models(in Russian)
Preprint of Institute for System Programming of RAS, 2005.

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2005 / article

D. V. Koznov, N. A. Archak
Approbation of UniTESK testing technology(in Russian)
Collected articles. Information Technology Institute. St. Petersburg. 2004

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2004 / presentation

UniTESK within Luxoft test service offering on Software QA Days Europe-2004.

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The paper suggests an approach to solution of problems related to transition of advanced software development methods. It describes organizational problems, caused by combination of traditional processes with new method, and cultural problems, arised from higher requirements to the staff. Proposed solution is training of different kinds, which is demonstrated on example of UniTESK technology.

2003 / presentation

ECMDSE’2003, Nuremberg, Germany.

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The presentation describes the origin of UniTESK method, manifesto of UniTESK (simplification, automation, accommodation, and integration), UniTESK solutions, and case studies.

2003 / presentation

SofTool’2003 exhibition.

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The following questions are examined in the presentation: UniTESK tools (samples, deployment modes), UniTESK in software development process, application domain of the technology, UniTESK architecture, comparison characteristics.

2003 / article

SEEFM’2003, Thessaloniki, Greece.

PDF [342 K]

The article describes the procedure of training in the advanced testing technology supported by UniTESK test development tools. It considers both the general problems of development of trainings in novel technologies, and specifics of formal software development methods application in practice. The related problems of university education are also discussed.

2002 / article

FME’2002, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2002.

PDF [134 K]

The article presents the main components of the test suite architecture underlying UniTESK test development technology, an automated specification based test development technology for use in industrial testing of general-purpose software. The architecture presented contains such elements as automatically generated oracles, components to monitor formally defined test coverage criteria, and test scenario specifications for test sequence generation with the help of an automata based testing mechanism. This work stems from the ISP RAS results of academic research and 7-years experience in industrial application of formal testing techniques.

2002 / presentation


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