Annual Report

Development of UniTESK technology and supporting tools in 2007 is related with their applications in conformance test development for Linux Standard Base (standard on API of basic Linux libraries) and IPsec (standard on security in IP networks), along with testing of harware. In addition UniTESK tools were applied in testing automated billing system of a large telecommunication company and test development for POSIX-based embedded real-time operating system.

Specialized technologies for efficient test development for libraries with incomplete requirements specifications were developed. In 2007 we continued research on automatic generation of complex test data, testing mathematical functions, testing methods for asynchronously interacting components in distributed systems, and theoretical foundations of testing based on formal models. Research on verification of Linux drivers and developement of requirements management tools is conducted.

Talks on the results of the research and development were conducted on the following conferences and workshops:

Results of project on open standard LSB infrastructure development were presented on CeBIT 2007 (Hannover) and Softool 2007 (Moscow).

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