Success in Hardware Design Testing
By now we have developed and successfully approved the UniTESK-based approach to specification and testing of RTL models of hardware. Since requirements set on reliability of hardware systems are very strong, thorough systematic evaluation is required. We conceive of hardware design testing as a perspective and strategically important field of the UniTESK technology application.

The approach was applied to functional testing of some microprocessor modules. The approbation has demonstrated convenience and relatively low labor costs of test development with the aid of the UniTESK technology. It should be noted that some bugs were found in the implementation of the modules including critical ones.

Currently, we use CTESK test development tool from the UniTESK toolkit for functional testing of RTL models, which are developed in such languages as Verilog HDL and SystemC. We are planning to continue R&D in the area and achieve more close integration with the existing hardware development and verification tools.

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