CTesK 2.2 released
Tuesday, 08 August 2006
The latest version of the CTesK toolkit CTesK 2.2, is now available.
The free-of-charge full-function version for Linux, CTesK 2.2 Community Edition, is also published including source code.

This release contains many new features and improvements.

The most important of them are as follows:
- the new test engine ndfsm generates test sequences on basis of traversal of nondeterministic finite state machine;
- the new test report generator supports large-size test traces;
- allocation of functions under test by subsystems allows to provide more detailed reports about testing results and improves manageability of the testing process;
- the new garbage collector manages memory in faster way than the old one;
- improved internationalization allows to use custom encodings in definitions of functionality branches and subsystem names;
- better integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 provides possibility to setup breakpoints in SeC source code and makes easy to debug tests.
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