IFIP Workgroup 2.3 "Programming Methodology"
Wednesday, 15 September 2004
On September 7-10 Alexander Petrenko took part in the meeting 43 of IFIP Workgroup 2.3 “Programming Methodology” in Prato, Italy. He conducted an invited talk “Specification Based Testing: A Practical Concern”, which paid specific attention to issues of practical use of formal specification based testing methodology. In particular, the extensions of programming languages targeted for software contract descriptions and test generation on the base of those contracts are considered. The talk attracted the interest of such researchers as Bertrand Meyer (the author of Design by Contract concept), Gary Leavens (the author of JML - Java Modeling Language), Rustan Leino (one of the authors of Spec#, a contract-based extension of C# language). The discussion showed the perspectiveness of UniTESK approach to formal modeling introduction by use of programming language extensions.
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