Annual Report

In 2008 UniTESK technology was widely used for creation of test suites for standard conformance testing. The following projects were the biggest ones.

  • Linux Standard Base conformance test suite development and maintenance.
  • Test development for POSIX-compliant real time operating system.
  • Test development for embedded systems meeting the requirements of ARINC-653.

UniTESK tools development was targeted to support of the projects listed and overall quality improvement.

The research in the following directions was conducted: theoretic foundations of testing, test development automation methods for telecommunication protocols and distributed software, testing methods for pipelined microprocessors and their units, test construction methods for mathematical libraries. The project on Linux driver verification toolset was going on.

3 of our colleagues have upheld theses this year.

  • I. B. Burdonov — Doctor of Science degree on the theme «Conformance theory for functional model-based software testing».
  • V. V. Rubanov — PhD degree on the theme «Automation of toolset construction for software development for extensible embedded systems».
  • A. S. Kamkin — PhD degree on the theme «Pipelined microprocessor simulation testing automation method based on formal specifications».

The book of I. B. Burdonov, A. S. Kossatchev, and V. V. Kuliamin «Conformance testing theory for systems with refused inputs and forbidden actions» concerning theoretical foundations of distributed system testing was also published in 2008.

Talks on results of research and projects conducted were given on the following conferences and workshops.

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