JavaTESK in the Commercial Project of Testing Integration Components of Vimpelcom
JavaTESK is applied in the development of tests for ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) integration components of the commercial company “Vimpelcom” since the beginning of the 2008 year. Due to using JavaTESK the quality of testing was improved and the time of regression testing and the cost of modifying tests because of changes of component requirements were shortened.

Before release of version 2.2 the specifications of each component for checking its outputs were developed independently. Main drawback of this approach was the need of specifying each data flow that enlarged the test development cycle. Due to new features of JavaTESK version 2.2 and likeness of the structure of the most components reuse of the same specifications and scenarios when testing different components is possible. Now test architecture is being refactored to decrease not only duration of test modification but duration of development of new tests too.
The advantages of using JavaTESK are the following:

  • during the test development not only an implementation is evaluated for meeting its requirements but the requirements is evaluated against customer needs (for example, when developing tests the problem in the specification of the some component have been uncovered that have led decreasing maintenance expenses of this component);
  • testing component cycle is getting shorter;
  • implemented tests can more easily be integrated to the test supporting environment HP QualityCenter used by customer and applied for testing by customer staff.

Drawbacks are:

  • modules providing for tests interfaces to databases, file storages, and others sources and targets the integration components interacts have to be developed.
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